Thursday, September 20

Time Event
08:30 Registration 

Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker

10:00 Coffee Break

Morning Session: Haptic Applications and QoE

  • Equal-Level Interaction: A Case Study for Improving User Experiences of Visually-Impaired and Sighted People in Group Activities: Hanseul Cho; Kyudong Park; Seungmoon Choi
  • The Role of Haptics in Digital Archaeology and Heritage Recording Processes: Mohamad Eid; Muhammad Hassan Jamil; Prince Steven Annor; Jonathan Sharfman; Isabelle Garachon; Robert Parthesius
  • No-Reference Quality Assesment for Stereoscopic 3D Images based Binocular Visual Perception: Lei Chein, Jiying Zhao
  • Time-Variant Visual Attention in 360-degree Video Playback: Huiwen Huang, Jinling Chen, Hong Xue, Yaping Huang, Tiesong Zhao
12:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session: Tactile Internet 

  • A Low-Cost Acquisition, Display, and Evaluation Setup for Tactile Codec Development: Jonas Kirsch; Andreas Noll; Matti Strese; Qian Liu; Eckehard Steinbach
  • QoE-Driven Uplink Scheduling for Haptic Communications over 5G Enabled Tactile Internet: Siwen Liu; Molin Li; Eckehard Steinbach; Qian Liu
  • Seamless Vertical Handoff Protocol for LTE-802.11p Hybrid Vehicular Communications over the Tactile Internet: WeiQiang Du; Qian Liu; Zhenguo Gao; Guozhen Tan
  • Experimental QoS Optimization for Haptic Communication over The Tactile Internet: Mohammad Aljaafreh; Hikmat Adhami; Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
14:50 Travel to the campus of DUT
15:30 Robotics and Haptics Lab Tour
16:30 Gala Dinner
18:30 City Tour


Friday, September 21

Time Event
08:30                  Registration 
09:00 Keynote Speaker
10:00 Coffee Break

Morning Session: Haptic Applications and QoE 

  • Improving Performance of Ultrasound Transducers with Aerogel Matching Layer for Tactile Display: Mohamad Eid; Georgios Korres
  • FingerSlide: Investigating Passive Haptic Sliding As A Tacton Channel: A Karnik; J. Alexander; Kian Meng Yap; Hong Jian Wong; Pavels Dembo
  • An Interactive Musical Scale Presentation System via Tactile Sense through Haptic Actuator: Kazuki Nakada; Junji Onishi; Masatsugu Sakajiri
  • Haptic Conversion Using Detected Sound Event in Home Monitoring System for the Hard-of-Hearing: Gee Yeun Kim; Seung-Su Shin; Jin Kim; Hyoung-Gook Kim
12:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Afternoon Session: Face-to-Face Meeting of Haptic Codec Task Group
17:00 Dinner